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Areas of practice

Below you will find the areas of activity and the branches of law in which we specialize.


Civil Law

I. Agreements

Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance to clients – companies, financial institutions, and government agencies – in negotiating, drafting, and amending all agreements that they enter into in the course of business: sales, leases, loan, distribution, mandate, enterprise, pledge, commission, deposit, shipping, supply, endorsement, leasing, joint venture, insurance, agency, and marketing agreements. In cases that involve either conclusion or execution of such contracts, the attorneys of the Laza Lawyers provide legal support and representation before all common law and arbitration courts, as well before other competent administrative authorities.

II. Tortious liability

In matters involving the establishment of tortious civil liability arising from malpractice, car crashes, work accidents, illicit behavior, and other grounds, Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance and representation before all common law courts, as well before other administrative authorities.

III. Warranties

Laza Lawyers assists with the establishment of personal or property guarantees, as well as with the implementation of the regulatory requirements needed for the publicity and execution of such guarantees.

IV. International private law
Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance to clients – individuals and other legal entities – in civil cases with foreign elements, namely: determining the jurisdiction of the courts, the applicable law, recognizing and enforcing foreign judgments and arbitrary court orders, as well as recognizing and enforcing court decisions of the European Court of Justice in Romania.
V. Family law

Laza Lawyers provides advice, legal assistance, and representation to individuals in a variety of family law matters, including: 
• divorce, separation, exercise of parental authority, nuptial regimes (matrimonial conventions, separation of common property), filiation, and cases involving foreign parties (divorce, division);

VI. Real estate, cadastre and book keeping

Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance to corporations and individuals in a wide range of real estate projects by conducting due diligence analyses, negotiating, drafting, and reviewing legal documentation in the fields of urbanism, cadastre and land book, sales contracts, area, usufruct, lease, venture, and rental agreements.

VII. Inheritance

Establishing heirs and inheritance quotas, establishing assets and liabilities of succession, assisting heirs in the procedure of division of succession, as well as representation before the courts in litigation regarding the validation or execution of testamentary dispositions, actions of division of succession, claims of creditors of the deceased against the heirs, and claims for nullity of the will are some of the legal services provided by Laza Lawyers counsels in matters of inheritance.


Intellectual property

In the sphere of intellectual property law, the Laza Lawyers team provides legal aid and representation in both litigation and non-litigation issues.

I. Copyright

As a trustee of copyright and related rights, Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance and representation in legal entanglements related to the validity of copyright and related rights, in the negotiation and drafting of contracts relating to the exploitation of copyright, and in infringement claims. 

II. Trademarks and industrial drawings

Laza Lawyers provides:
• legal assistance regarding trademark protection, respectively trademark registration through the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks;
• assistance and legal advice for trademark supervision and documentary research at local and European level;
• assistance in negotiating, drafting and revising different types of agreements on trademarks and industrial designs;
• representation in administrative / litigation proceedings before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks and the competent courts, in cases related to the registration and protection of intellectual property rights;
• Carrying out long-term strategies in connection with litigation concerning trademarks or industrial designs, including in the case of crimes specific to this field;

III. Patents

The Laza Lawyers team provides:
• legal assistance and representation in the procedures for drafting and registering patents at OSIM;
• negotiating, drafting and revising the different types of patents agreements, respectively revoking these agreements;
• litigation arising from the nullity/ infringement of patents;


Corporate and Commercial law

Laza Lawyers provides legal aid to large and medium-sized companies with state or private capital that operate in all economic sectors with proceedings for the establishment and amendment of articles of incorporation, mergers and acquisitions, dissolution and liquidation, as well as current corporate activities.
Laza Lawyers assists a company’s day-to-day operations by ensuring compliance with legal regulations in the event of changes caused by its organs, producing documents, and providing various authorizations and operating permits.

Among the legal services offered, by way of example, we mention:
• Representation before the Trade Register Offices (both in Bucharest and in the country), regarding the registration of the mentions brought to the constitutive act of your company, as well as for the registration of new companies;
• Assistance / Representation at the General Meeting of Associates;
• Representation before the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks;
• Business consultancy;
• Competition law;
• Obtaining authorizations, attestations, certifications, etc.


Reorganization and Debt recovery

Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance to companies in crisis management cases, by developing reorganization strategies, by negotiating with creditors and by developing reorganization plans.
Laza Lawyers is constantly ensuring the correct implementation of the reorganization plan and compliance with debtors’ payments.
Laza Lawyers also provides advice on pre-insolvency, in the management of reorganization procedures and judicial or voluntary liquidation.



The Laza Lawyers team enables organisations that have policies in place to minimize the negative consequences of insolvency, not only for the insolvent company but also for its commercial partners and colleagues.
Laza Lawyers will conduct a thorough examination of the entire financial condition and develop strategies to address existing corporate issues.
The legal aid given covers all stages of the insolvency processes (observation, reorganization, and bankruptcy), as well as the resolution of related concerns such as fraudulent actions cancellation.


Banking law

Laza Lawyers primarily promotes the interests of consumers in banking law disputes involving abusive clauses.
Because an essential abusive clause can be found in any type of contract signed by a consumer with a professional, Laza Lawyers team proposes a multi-pronged approach, commencing with negotiating more advantageous contractual terms, whereupon removing abusive clauses from bank credit agreements, and refunding the excess amounts paid in the form of unlawful interest and fees.


Public procurement

Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance in public procurement, sectoral projects, concessions, at all stages of the awarding procedure and during the execution of such contracts.
Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance and representation in litigation involving the award of public procurement contracts, in litigation and claims for compensation for damages incurred in the award procedure, and in those relating to enforcement, nullity , cancellation, termination or unilateral termination of public procurement contracts.


Labour law

Laza Lawyers provides legal assistance and representation in the field of labor relations between employees, employers, trade unions, civil servants, and civil servants and retirees, such as:
• Negotiating, drafting and registering employment contracts with the competent authorities;
• Drafting legal opinions regarding the collective redundancy procedure and customer assistance throughout this procedure;
• Assisting companies in negotiating collective bargaining agreements;
• Legal assistance and representation in disputes related to acts of discrimination and harassment, before the courts and administrative-judicial authorities, as well as in disputes arising from the execution, modification and termination of employment contracts, contractual liability / contravention of labor law ;
• Legal assistance and representation before the National Council for Combating Discrimination and litigation arising from the termination of employment;


Criminal law

Laza Lawyers has extensive criminal law experience, especially in the areas of corruption and service offenses, conflicts of interest, economic crime, forgery, fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, and traffic violations  and a variety of other violations, as defined by numerous special statutes.
Laza Lawyers provides the following legal services in the sphere of criminal law:
• Preparation of written reports based on the study of the client’s documentation;
• Assisting the client during the criminal investigation phase, as well as at the first instance and appeals stages;
• Dreafting Complaints, denials, and memoirs in criminal cases;
• Legal help and counsel in the non-prosecution solutions complaint procedure;
• Assisting clients with preventative measures procedures and European arrest warrant procedures;


Medical law

Laza Lawyers enjoys experience in the field of medical law in terms of assistance and legal representation of doctors, patients, but also of providers of medical products or services. The legal services offered in this field of law require legal assistance and representation before the courts, but also the criminal prosecution bodies. The experience of Laza Lawyers allows us to offer legal services in any case of medical malpractice, both in the disciplinary procedure regarding the notifications on disciplinary violations, and in the litigious stage, of establishing the cases of tortious civil liability for medical staff and of obliging to pay compensations. Laza Lawyers also provides legal assistance and representation in civil liability insurance proceedings for state hospitals or private clinics, referring here to the harm done to patients as a result of the services provided, resulting from malfunctions of medical equipment, of sanitary materials and medicinal substances.


European human rights law

Laza Lawyers provides legal advice, assistance and representation to individuals and legal entities on applications to the European Court of Human Rights in the event of a violation of fundamental human rights. Laza Lawyers enjoys experience in the field of European law, as evidenced by the success of the M.G.C. c. Romania, judgment by which the Court found a violation of Article 3 of the Convention (Right to the integrity of the person) and Article 8 of the Convention (Right to respect for private, family, domicile and correspondence).


Debt enforcement

Laza Lawyers has a wealth of experience in enforcement, legal assistance and representation in:
• resolving enforcement appeals;
• solving the actions of evacuation, delivery of goods, possession, drafting;
• Drafting requests for enforcement and return of enforcement;
• Negotiations with debtors for amicable debt recovery;
• Drafting requests for suspension of enforcement;
• Following the entire enforcement procedure, until the full recovery of the amounts included in the writ of execution.


Administrative, Fiscal and Customs Litigation

Laza Lawyers has extensive experience in administrative law, providing specialized legal services in any litigation procedure, including the preliminary stage. Lawyers Laza Lawyers offers a wide range of legal services in the field of administrative law, consisting of consultancy, assistance and representation in connection with judicial procedures for the control of documents issued by central or local government authorities, or by institutions with administrative powers. Laza Lawyers also offers legal assistance and representation in the enforcement procedure for the settlement of tax claims, in administrative and fiscal litigation disputes with the administrative-territorial units, having as object local taxes and duties and with the fiscal bodies, having as object taxes and taxes established by way of tax claim.